Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Mark of Zorro...

As you can see, this stuff is a lot like playdough fun factory product. I sat, and in 10 seconds I had laid what I thought was one of the largest volume crapper sessions for the week. Turned to find it was large, but most had slid nicely into the hidden confines of the toilet trap. However, what had piled up was clearly a sign of future stardom down the tube of fame.

Click on the image and you will *CLEARLY* see some trademarked undigested tomatos for your gawking eyes.  I purchased a eight pound load of them babies for 50 cents, just past sellable ripe for making amazing off season salsa.  Well, they made bile salsa alright, almost makes ya want to dig into the 'guacamole' dip with your finger tips.  If you look hard enough, you can see my with grain rectal fold shitter marks down the shaft of each happy log.

There is also a peanut buttery power bar folded into the mix... Go ahead, take a good look.

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