Thursday, September 3, 2009

Authorities Use Feces To Find Suspected Thief

Special correspondent junglerock, who reported the turd-spelunker story below, send word of another turd-related story from ABC affiliate KOAT in Albuquerque:

DNA From Crime Scene Feces Tested Against Suspected Parolee

VALENCIA COUNTY, N.M. -- Detectives are interested in what a thief left behind in a string of burglaries in Valencia County.


The thief used the bathroom and left his solid waste on display for the homeowner.


The detectives on the case said they used the thief's calling card against him. The feces went into evidence and the state crime lab extracted DNA from it.

"We ended up getting a hit," [Detective] Rivera said.

Two-time turd-spelunker caught peering up from the bottom of pit latrines again

boing boing reports:

Portland's Gary Moody has been caught -- for a second time -- hiding inside a pit latrine at a campsite. The first time he claimed he'd dropped his wedding ring (authorities sieved the biomass and found no ring); this time he claimed he'd dropped his shirt. In an affidavit, he describes himself as having an "outhouse problem."