Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Next Million

I laid a very long, perfectly straight turd in the toilet at my office just now, very similar to DookieMcLovin's long hard shit dick, but with one little round testicle to one side. I named it "Lance Armstrong". Unfortunately, I did not have any photographic equipment at hand, and I draw the line at having to run out of the office restroom to grab a camera and run back into the restroom.

Not having a camera handy is a constant problem for this Shitterbug contributor. But necessity is the mother of invention, so I just came up with the next great thing in the toiletry arts. Most of us have camera-phones these days, but why are there no "camera-toilets"? A small camera could be embedded in the underside of the toilet seat, facing down into the bowl. When the deed was done, and the depositor operated the flush handle, a photo would be snapped just prior to the corny goodness disappearing into the shitty hereafter. The camera-toilet could include a wireless network connection to upload the new image directly to Shitterbug!

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