Sunday, May 11, 2008

Going Green

Damn, where's my camera when I need it. We're visiting family so I could do a big supported bike ride yesterday (104 miles). Ate whatever they had at the rest stops: lots of bananas, apples, bagels with PB&J and a gallon or so of Gatorade. Plus a Polish Sausage at the finish and donuts back at the inlaws'.

Today? The greenest shit I can ever remember producing. My first dump today was two tone with forest green and army green. The second one? Go Army! Beautiful. And weird.

UPDATE: Mystery solved, I think. I remembered today that my inlaws had Fruit Loops in the house. I had a bowl with breakfast before the ride, and probably three more bowls between the end of the ride and bedtime (I was eating everything in sight). So my verdant turds were an ode to the wonders of artificial food coloring.

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